Kettlebell Partner Passing Day 1

This post was originally published April 2, 2010 here
KB Partner Passing Day 1

Today I had the privilege of meeting up with Michael Castrogiovanni to begin to to learn the art of KB partner passing. Mike is an incredible instructor. The progressions were simple, logical and naturally flowed from drill to the next. Again though, as with most things in RKC, simple does not necessarily mean easy.

I found the partner passing drills challenged me in entirely different ways than any other kettlebell training I’ve done before. I’ve been juggling kettlebells for around 4 years now, so I’m fairly used to flipping the bell and operating in 3 dimensions. Adding in a partner, adds more variables, forcing both my muscles and my brain to adapt to various stimuli. The drills we performed trained my adaptability, hand eye coordination, and peripheral vision, especially when we started getting into passing with two bells.

Physically, it was a great work out that’s directly applicable to many sports. The first thing I noticed was how much my obliques were engaged and firing throughout the drills. Next, especially with the double KB drills, I was really surprised how much lateral loading I felt in my glutes and quads. I could immediately see how this has a direct carryover to agility, lateral movements and quick cuts. I can’t wait to continue this training and test it out on the rugby pitch.

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