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How to Study Like an Athlete
The principles that we use to train our bodies can also be used to train our brains.

Easy Strength 40 Day After Action Review
After my first round of Easy Strength I made some big gains in some unexpected categories

The Kettlebell Clean Applied
Here’s an example of how the body mechanics learned through the kettlebell clean have served me at work.

52 stories wearing 75 lbs of firefighting gear – didn’t set foot in the elevator once, not even on the way down.


Outside Links

Strong First
The name says it all. This is Pavel’s new site dedicated to the art of strength training through kettlebells, free weights, and bodyweight.

Easy Strength
This is one of the best strength training books and programs that I have ever read.

Even Easier Strength
This post by Dan John provides a great template for the Easy Strength 40 day program. This is the one that I’m using for my current strength routine.

Becoming Bulletproof
This easy to read book provides a functional movements based warm-up and cool down that combined with the video below I use in all my workouts.

Primal Move Warmup Video

Climb On Bar
Applying Climb On bar after kettlebell training and climbing has kept my hands callous free years.