Kettlebell Partner Passing Day 2

This was originally posted April 3, 2010 here KB Partner Passing Day 2

Today Mike swung by the station to hang out with us for a bit. We started off with a review of of the passing drills and progressions we did yesterday. While the two bell drills we did yesterday challenged my peripheral vision and focus, the three and four bell drills today were exponentially more challenging. Still though, once we got into a groove they all felt perfectly natural. One drill he showed me with two bells, one bell two handed toss in the center and another bell one handed toss with on the side, had me doing mental flips as well as flips with the bell. These multiple bell drills are sure to increase my reaction time peripheral vision, and situational awareness.
One of the women on my crew joined us and got her first introduction to partner passing, with the basic two handed pass. She absolutely loved it and couldn’t believe how much fun she had with it.
I can’t wait for tomorrow to learn the freestyle drills.

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