10 out of 10 – Ultimate challenge

By J. Richardson – former SEAL/UDT Instructor / Emeryville, Ca. USA

Asha’s approach to fitness is focused, unique and satisfying. Traditional personal trainers are a dime-a-dozen. If you want to get strong and fit without cutting corners, Asha will take you to the next level. Be prepared to work and be rewarded.


10 out of 10 – Quality Instruction; from start to finish

By Michael Galan / Osaka, Japan

During my RKC, Asha was always available for questions and feedback. Her explanations were simple and effective. Asha was always hovering around our group looking for something to correct. A high level of awareness to her group members and quick to help. She always a positive example with her presence, demonstration technique, and big smile. Asha’s guidance definitel gave me the edge I needed to pass the RKC. A solid professional all around.



10 out of 10 – Patient and Inspiring

By Chris C Berkeley, USA

I am a distance runner and never liked working out with weights. I like long, lean muscles, which I created with long cardio workouts. But then I got injured and had to give up running. I was skeptical about kettlebells. I thought a short workout (anything less than an hour) would do little for my cardio, and I was concerned the kettlebells would give me big masculine muscles. Wow, was I wrong. Asha designed a personalized workout that gets my heart rate up higher than my running workouts ever did, and my endurance is still as good as before the injury. She chose lower weights for me, so my muscles are still long and lean, but more defined. I feel stronger. Asha is incredibly patient, even with skeptics like me. She never tires of ensuring my form is correct on every exercise, and she places a lot of emphasis on proper body mechanics. She walks the walk and inspires others to do the same.


10 out of 10 – No More Knee Pain

By R. Regan / San Jose, CA

I was 48 years old when I first started working with Asha. I was looking for an alternative to running as I had developed knee pain that would persist for days after running…pain especially noticed when going up and down stairs. I asked Asha to get me started with Kettlebells. She is extremely knowledgeable in how to train with Kettlebells. She got me started with some simple but challenging kettlebell exercises which laid a foundation for building up to more kettelbell drills. Within 1-2 months my knee pain was gone and after 1 year I was back to running (still doing kettlebells). Asha is great to work with. She is patient, fun and gets you progressing. If you are considering kettlebells, I highly recommend Asha. She will teach you the correct way to work with kettlebells.


10 out of 10 – Generous and Effective Coach

By mc, b2d uk

It’s obvious when you meet her that Asha walks the walk. But Asha can also guide others, not just her own training.

Had the pleasure to work with Asha at the RKC II cert where she coached me through some swing technique drills with focus, attention, good humour and patience.

In the RKC there’s a code of conduct about carrying strength with humility. Asha’s the embodiment of this spirit.

And she’s a good coach!

if you have the opportunity connect with Asha for training or coaching your technique. You’ll be a better athlete instantly for it.


10 out of 10 – Great results and lots of fun!

By Morgan Simon SF, CA

As a professional dancer I was worried to start kettlebell. Asha is tremendously responsive to individual needs and goals and gave my fitness level an incredible boost. Her workouts are not only effective but FUN! And her commitment to good alignment and form is exceptional.


10 out of 10 – great sweat

By Deb V Oakland. Ca

Asha is a patient and instructive teacher. She helps you with the fundamentals of kettlebell training and pushes you to one of the best workouts you could have. I highly recommend her to anyone at any skill level.


10 out of 10 – awesome energy and such physique

By Aaron Potash Oakland, Ca USA

Asha is so passionate about what she does. She has a very patient style, and is very encouraging. She helped me with my motivation and has spawned a new type of working out for me. Even my 20 month old now throws kettlebells.
Great Job!!